Heartbeat monitor using AT89C51

This is revised version of heart beat monitor using 8051 heart beat monitor located in this blog ob post. There were some question asked related to this project. So i decided to redesign the project and make some necessary changes in the algorithm to measure the heart pulses per minute. microcontroller based heartbeat monitor with lcd display ir led and ldr based heartbeat monitor with display on computer and microcontroler LCD display.
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GSM modem interfacing with 8051 for SMS

GSM modem interfacing with microcontroller 8051 for SMS control of industrial equipments
This is a beginner tutorial in which a GSM modem is being interfaced with the microcontroller AT89s51 for SMS communication. The SMS can be send and recieved for the data sharing and situation information and control. there are many application of the project based on microcontroller 8051 and GSM interfacing.
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Interfacing of Graphic LCD Module to AT89S52

The most character LCD module can be interface with micro-controller in any of these two ways of interface:
1. 4-Bit Interface ( a little bit slow LCD interface but we can safe the data input/output lines of micro-controller for other use, i.e. to interface other hardware’s to it.)2. 8-Bit Interface ( This is speedy LCD interface method to any microprocessor or microcontroller, more using this interface method, one can easy develop a program in c++/C or VB6 to directly interface a character LCD with PC parallel port, some it requires in certain application.)
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