• How to become more creative?

    How to become more creative?

    In embedded any engineer can develop a great piece of gadget, with unlimited time, unlimited resources and an experienced team of 100people. But what if one has to finish the same project in two weeks, having limited resources, and an inexperienced team of two people.

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  • Embedded System Overview

    Embedded System Overview

    What is embedded system?

    Embedded Systems are simply the brain of most electronic systems that access, process, store and control data. If it needs to define in a sentence, Embedded Systems is a special purpose system or gadget, which encapsulates all the devices such as microprocessor, different type of memories, and different type of interface and cam control different tasks in a single package or board to perform only a specific application. Your smart phone is probably the best example of an advanced embedded system.

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  • Embedded Systems

    Embedded Systems

     Embedded Systems is a unique field, where engineers need to have sound knowledge in hardware and software design, with this view CETPA had designed a unique curriculum with equal emphasis on hardware and software to gear up the Electronic design engineers to the needs of electronic and IT industry in the design and development of state of the art embedded systems.

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