• Intel Galileo : Compatible with Arduino software and shields

    Intel Galileo : Compatible with Arduino software and shields

    When every one is gaga on PI, Intel introducing the Galileo development board, the first product in a new family of Arduino*-compatible development boards featuring Intel® architecture. The platform is easy to use for new designers and for those looking to take designs to the next level. Intel recognizes that the people who take creating beautiful things into their own hands with innovation and technology are the same ones that propel us forward. The other big feature of Galileo is that it is compatible with Arduino software and shields, making it a great target for students and educators in the maker scene. And what more, Intel is donating 50,000 Arduino compatible development boards featuring Intel® architecture to 1,000 universities around the world over the next 18 months.

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  • Bosch Automated driving Car

    Bosch Automated driving Car

    When we talk about technologies especially on embedded electronics and automotive together, sky is the limit. Just relax for a while and think about vehicles around you, you find for the past few decades, innovation within the automotive sector has brought major technological advances,

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    IAR Systems’ completely integrated Eclipse plugin extends the IDE’s capabilities by providing compiler and build tools, as well as a full integration of the IAR C-SPY Debugger. Since the Eclipse plugin uses the IAR Embedded Workbench build tools, the generated code is equally reliable and of

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  • Open Wireless Home Automation Platform

    Open Wireless Home Automation Platform

    panStamp is an open wireless home automation platform forming a complete ecosystem of wireless nodes and IP controllers. This solution mainly consists of panStamps, low-power wireless modules programmable from the Arduino IDE, plus a set of software tools, gateways and controllers.

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  • Google Allows 10GB Attachments in Gmail

    Google Allows 10GB Attachments in Gmail

    Do you feel the 25MB limit for attachments in Gmail is not enough? Well Google seems to have heard your prayers. The search giant has integrated Google Drive-based attachments in its email service so that users can now send files up to 10GB in size. Google Drive is the company’s cloud storage service, similar to Microsoft SkyDrive and DropBox.

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  • AquatiCo – Anyone can control a real submarine over the internet

    AquatiCo – Anyone can control a real submarine over the internet

    “People will protect what they love, and they love what they know,” says robotics engineer Eduardo Labarca, paraphrasing Jacques Cousteau. That’s why he and his team at Mountain View, California-based 9th Sense Robotics want to start up an online marine exploration project known as AcquatiCo. If it reaches fruition, it will allow computer users anywhere in the world to control an actual ocean-based submarine, while watching a real-time feed from its onboard video camera.

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  • PredictGaze pauses the TV on its own

    PredictGaze pauses the TV on its own

    Imagine, if you will, that you are sitting around watching TV, and the sudden urge to grab a snack overtakes you. You try desperately to ignore it because you can’t find the remote control, and the show you are watching is the single most gripping piece of entertainment you’ve ever witnessed. Hunger overtakes you, and you proceed to walk away and go to the kitchen. As you get up and leave, the TV pauses on its own. This is the idea behind new startup PredictGaze.

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  • Smart bra acts as alarm for breast cancer

    Smart bra acts as alarm for breast cancer

    We’ve previously seen bras that monitor a wearer’s heart rate, double as an emergency facemask, or help women search for a husband. But the BSE (breast self exam) bra being developed by First Warning Systems looks to be the best bit of added functionality for the support undergarment we’ve come across yet. Using sensors integrated into the cups, the bra looks for the slight variations in temperature on the

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  • NASA develops exoskeleton

    NASA develops exoskeleton

    What do astronauts on a mission to Mars and earthbound paraplegics have in common? Enough that NASA is developing a robotic exoskeleton for both of them. Called the X1 Robotic Exoskeleton, it’s derived in part from NASA’s Robonaut 2 humanoid robot now undergoing trials aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The X1 uses robotic technology for a dual-use exoskeleton that has applications for both astronauts on long space missions and the walking impaired on Earth.

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