An electronic circuits whose primary function is to connect a high-impedance source to a low-impedance load without significant attenuation or distortion of the signal. Hence, the output voltage of a buffer replicates the input voltage without loading the

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  • Thermocouple – A temperature sensor

    Thermocouple – A temperature sensor

    Hi Friends, first and foremost sorry for my absent for few weeks as I was busy with my office work. Last week I was working on Thermocouple interfacing with Cortex M4, so I have collected a lot of data regarding it. I am sharing some of the basic information with you.

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  • What’s a Compiler and Compilation?

    What’s a Compiler and Compilation?

    What’s a Compiler and Compilation?

    A compiler is nothing but a normal program which translates a source program written in some high-level programming language (such as C, C++, Java and etc.,) into executable files which can be understood by some CPU architecture (such as Intel, ARM, AVR, Microchip etc). For this article I have been searching a lot on net, surprisingly

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  • AVR LCD  interfacing  : LCD part I

    AVR LCD interfacing : LCD part I

    Hi Guys this is my first tutorial on zemebdded site, please encourage me by commenting and making my write up more accurate and use full for newcomers in embedded field. Thanks to zemebdded admin for accepting this write up and publishing here. Hope you guys like this and with your appreciation I will be keep on writing more.

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  • Arduino MEGA and LEONARDO Pin-Out Diagrams!

    Arduino MEGA and LEONARDO Pin-Out Diagrams!

    Hi Friends please check  out these inspiring Arduino pin-out diagrams from “pighixxx” member of Arduino community in the Adafruit Forums: Arduino MEGA, Arduino Leonardo, . I have shared it purely to help you all the Arduino fans there. This site is purely for the people who wanted to learn and share their knowledge in embedded development

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  • AVR Programming In Depth

    AVR Programming In Depth

    Hello friends today we are going to discuss about what are the different ways you can program AVR microcontrollers. In this tutorial I am providing information based on ATMEL site and also provided different reference links.  To program an AVR microcontroller you will need an AVR programming tool. Examples of AVR programmers made by Atmel are STK500, STK600, AVR Dragon, AVRISP mkII and JTAGICE mkII.

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  • AVR Introduction to PWM Part I

    AVR Introduction to PWM Part I

    Hi friends, today we are going to start a very important topic PWM, this tutorial is going to be of two parts. In first part we are going to discuss about basics and principles behind PWM. In second part we are going to write code for Atmega16 controller.

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  • AVR: Interrupts Part I

    AVR: Interrupts Part I

    Hi friends today we are going to discuss about the interrupt, in our practical life this word causes an annoying situation. Nobody wanted to get interrupted, but in controllers this offers a great deal of flexibility. One of the most useful principles of modern embedded processors is interrupt. Interrupts does exactly what it means. This tutorial is divided in two parts.

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  • AVR Registers explained

    AVR Registers explained

    The AVR microcontrollers from Atmel are very popular as they are low cost general purpose micro-controller, with an excellent open-source support, fully-featured C compiler. There are several dozen of AVR chips available in different packages.

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