Introduction to Mid-Range PIC Programming in C – Part 1

These are going to be a series of tutorials based on different tasks covered in.  We are going to explore as flashing LED’s , Readings Switches, switch debouncing, Driving Multiplexed seven segment display, Using internal pull-ups etc. This tutorial assumes a working knowledge of the C language. In this series of tutorial we are going to demonstrate how to program baseline PIC’s such as 12F509 and 16F506.

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Migrating from PIC Microcontrollers to Cortex-M3

General considerations

The Cortex-M3 will reset into Thread mode, executing as privileged. Handler mode (always privileged) is automatically entered when handling any exceptions which occur. Since PIC does not support more multiple operating modes and has no concept of privilege, leaving the Cortex-M3 in this configuration is the simplest option and is often sufficient.

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