In depth LED Blink with NXP LPC17xx


MAIN function


int main (void)

if (SysTick_Config(SystemCoreClock / 1000)) /* Setup SysTick Timer for 1 msec interrupts */


while (1); /* Capture error */




         LED_On ((1<<28)); /* Turn on the LED. */

         Delay (100); /* delay 100 msec */

         LED_Off ((1<<28)); /* Turn off the LED. */

         Delay (100); /* delay 100 msec */




In this, first we configure the systick timer, you should not give more than system core clock ticks. If you passmore than that, the LOAD_RELOAD register can’t hold that value, and you will get stuck into the while loopwhich is called Capture Error here.

Here, we pass 1000 number of ticks which is equal to 1 msec. The working of System Delay is as follows.

• The number of ticks will get store into the Match register.

• When the systick timer which is usually down count timer or Up count timer, the LOAD_RELOADregister will decrement and checks with Match register for every tick.

• If LOAD_RELOAD register value reaches to match register value then the system interrupt will generateand it calls the SysTick_Handler function.


Now, just configure the LED pins by just making the led pins direction to output.

While loop

Then start the while loop. Inside, for every time LED glows and then Delay function gets called after that LEDwill glow off. And again it enters into the Delay function. After delay time, again the process starts.

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