AVR Programming In Depth

Hello friends today we are going to discuss about what are the different ways you can program AVR microcontrollers. In this tutorial I am providing information based on ATMEL site and also provided different reference links.  To program an AVR microcontroller you will need an AVR programming tool. Examples of AVR programmers made by Atmel are STK500, STK600, AVR Dragon, AVRISP mkII and JTAGICE mkII.

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AVR Fuse Bits

Fuse bit: 

The fuse bits are very confusing for the beginners. Before configuring the fuse bits for your device, you must know how to configure them.

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AVR Timers – In depth Timer Registers 8-bit

As we have discussed in first tutorial in this series AVR Timers – An Introduction I assume that you have gone through the tutorial and are good enough to understand the basics of AVR timers. If you are strting straight here, then i request you to click here and read the first part

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